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About #FLFOC

FLF (Free Lunch Friday) believes to feed our global economy we need to start by feeding our startups and entrepreneurs. And to do that we are launching FLF locations around the world where startups and entrepreneurs gather on the last Friday of every month for real human interaction and community. At these locations you can connect with startups, entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, partners, and investors all while enjoying some free, beer, and community.


Our Next Event is January 31st - RSVP Below:

Real Office Centers | Newport/Airport

4590 MacArthur Blvd., 5th Floor

Newport Beach, CA 92660



Every FLF location operates from the same agenda. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, if you stop into a FLF you can expect the same community and experience. Join in and lets get started.


Vanesa Rey, Entrepreneur

Founder Vanesa Rey


Former motion picture publicist, Vanesa Rey, turned entrepreneur, will discuss the lessons she learned behind Hollywood's magic curtain and how they have guided her through life as an entrepreneur. Her background in one of the world's most coveted industries turned her startup brand from relatively unknown launching on Black Friday of 2013 to being covered by USA TODAY, FOX NEWS, US WEEKLY and the LOS ANGELES TIMES in 3 months.

Vanesa Rey's accessory collection brands itself as "tech obsessed fashion", a unique take on the necessities of the modern woman.

A great deal of Vanesa’s influence comes from her previous career as an international film publicist. She has worked with a long list of style conscious A-list celebrities, filmmakers, photographers, stylists, and designers.

Growing up without privilege as a first generation American, Vanesa was astounded with the opportunities her career brought her way. Her work gave her the chance to produce photo-shoots, red carpet premieres, press events, parties, and film festival events around the globe. Her continued travels and friendships with other international women inspire her passion to create accessories for today’s modern woman. The combination of her work experience and passions led her to leap into entrepreneurship. Learn more at

The last Friday of every month we produce 20 minute FLF talks at locations around the world. We do this by bringing in speakers who have incredible stories and insights to share with our global community of startups and entrepreneurs. Our community arrives each month hungry for content that can inspire, educate, and empower them to continue their journeys changing the world. We are always looking for great speakers.  Sign up or nominate someone today!

Donate to FLF

Please support our vision to create an interconnected global entrepreneurial community focused on driving our economy, creating jobs, and changing the world. It's because of your support that we are able to gather our startups and entrepreneurs each month. And if we commit to this work on a monthly basis we provide our community with new jobs, new opportunities, and the infrastructure we need to keep it healthy, active, and sustainable for years to come.

Every dollar we raise helps us on our mission to feed the hungry startups and entrepreneurs with the things they need to build great companies. Please donate below.

Thank You to Our Sponsors




Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan grew up in the beach communities of Southern California where he developed a love for the ocean and surfing. He had a successful amateur career where he went on to become Captain of University of California Santa Cruz surf team. After university, he transitioned into semiconductor distribution where he honed skills in sales and relationship building. In the process he got to work with some of the largest manufactures in the world including Apple, Emerson Network Power, Hewlett-Packard and more. He has extensive experience in sales and relationship building as well as a passion for networking and community development. His current position at ROC (Real Office Centers) is the perfect platform to jumpstart #FLFOC as well as the startup community at large.

Oscar Gonzalez

Oscar Gonzalez is a business owner and entrepreneur, and an active member of the Orange County business community. He helps entrepreneurs and established companies get their business online with Oscarstech and RealFreeWebsite.

Oscar's webdesign and web solutions company helps you discover, design and deploy the right technology to make your business successful. Oscar has worked with notable companies such as Pfizer, IBM, Wellpoint and successful local startups like Mirth Corporation.

Oscar lives in Irvine with his wife and daughter and a cool dog named Picasso. When he's not building a website or deploying a small network, you can catch up to him at one of the many tech and social media meetups throughout Southern California.

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